Web Application Design

When it comes to your presence on the web, put your trust in our experts.



What we won't do for you:

In the area of web design promises for quality aesthetics, functionality and high ranks on search engines can be found on the promotional campaign of almost any company. At Connect I.T we take grat pride in the quality of the software we produce and our web design department is no exception. That is why we will provide you with a list of promises of what we won't do when designing your website:


  • We will not design a website that blinks like Tokyo at night. Though it might be impressive it's likely that the visitor will not stay long enough to read all the important things you want to tell him.
  • We will not design an impressive yet slow site! Although impressive vistitors don't like waiting for graphics that take forever to load! 
  • We will not design a website that will sucrifice functionality for aesthetics. Very few people visit webpages to marvel at their design alone!
  • We will not do BlackHat SEO for you! It might give you high rankings for a few weeks but it will be extremely hard to get you back up there after you get penalized by search engines for pulling tricks on them.


What we will do for you:

We will design a functional and aesthetically attractive website that is respectful to visitors and able to serve it's principal purpose: to be a bidirectional bridge between you and the visitor! Starting with the analysis of your objectives for your presence on the web we will proceed to the design of your website or web application with an aim for the best possible communication and interaction with the user.


Our you ready to proceed ?