Streaming Services

Connect I.T offers streaming services to radio at television stations. Get your content on the world wide web with us! 




What we can offer you:

Connect I.T  provides flexible packages for web broadcasting of audiovisual content, which can meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. To view the packages available for streaming services offered please visit our retail hosting, video and audio streaming products website.



Furthermore Connect I.T offers complete solutions that cover the installation of terminal equipment and software at your location as well as 24/7 support services.


Combined Solutions

Utilizing our wide range of products and services we can provide complete solutions that transcend the usual limitations of our competitors. Using products such as multiconn or multiconn3G we can provide mobile units of audio or video retransmission and/or  audio and video streams that reach up to 4096Kbps.

Furthermore our R&D department is available for the development of customized solutions. If your needs cannot be met from our standard available services and products, contact us, describe your needs to us and we will design for you a solution that meets them.