Allow us to take the technical burden of your company!

Select the package of technical support services provided by Connect IT, that best meets your business' needs.


Light Office

The Light Office technical support package is ideal for offices and small businesses with a limited number of workstations. Pricing policy for this package is  Pay As You Go, which means that you are billed directly for the amount of hours of technical support you request. This is our most flexible support package and is the most attractive option for businesses with a small number of terminal workstations



Heavy Office

The Heavy Office technical support package is addressed to companies with a larger numbers of terminals and total need for IT support services. This package comes with a technical support service level agreement and billing is monthly at a fixed rate determined by the set of services provided and the number of terminal workstations.


What we offer:

With support packages we provide the following services:

  • Design and implementation of technology infrastructures suited to your needs.
  • Setup and management of network infrastructures.
  • Setup and management of software for terminal workstations.
  • Setup and management of servers according to your company's needs (eg file sharing servers , secure redundancy storage servers, mail servers , print / fax servers ).   
  • Internet access bandwidth management by prioritising access for applications according to your needs (QoS).
  • Firewall setup and management.
  • Setup and management for Asterisk based call centers.
  • 24/7 technical support services provided through phone and email.