Why choose Connect I.T ?

Because we will take care of you !

At Connect IT we take our customers, our servers, and our networks very seriously. Our infrastructures are designed to serve the most severe requirements. In our chosen Data Centers in Greece and Europe we provide high yield hardware specifications, higly configurable software, fast network infrastructures and a range quality services. If something goes wrong, we will fix it fast, l inform you about what happened and make sure it will not happen again. We are accountable to you!


By choosing Connect I.T , your servers become our servers !


Your company is in need of servers but unable to assume their management ?

No problem! Connect I.T  provides management services for server hosting, on a 24-hour 365 days a year basis. We offer engineers, available for adjustment, extension or modification of your server.

Would your company like to assume the full management of your server ?

Connect I.T offers servers with a preinstalled operating system of your choice and available engineer on a 24 hours 365 days a year basis, to address network problems and hardware malfunctions.