Mobile Video Streaming with multiconn3G

Multiconn3G is a revolutionary product designed to offer unparalleled flexibility, security and speed in video retransmission of mobile imaging.

Based on multiconn technology by bonding multiple 3G channels together and with the option of using multiple providers multiconn3G becomes a solid solution for tv stations live video reporting.






How it works

By bonding up to four 3G data channels, multiconn3G can deliver a single data channel with a bandwidth of up to 4Mbits. Furthermore, due to utilizing multiconn technology, it offers a link with high availability, security and quality. Multiconn3G will not fail unless all underlying links that compose it fail!



Who it is addressed to

Multiconn3G is addressed to television and radio stations that want to utilize the security, flexibility and quality that this revolutionary  product has to offer. A multiconn3G link offers unparalleled availability through the bonding of multiple 3G connections of multiple providers. Multiconn3G is the ultimate tools in the hands of live broadcasts and news reporting.


Comparative advantages of multiconn3G

Compared to conventional ways of live broadcasting multiconn3G has significant advantages.

  • All broadcasting is done over the GSM networks. It's wireless technology and small size offer extreme flexibility to the cameraman.
  • It's power supply last for up to 8 hours on a signle battery charge.
  • It offers unparalleled high availability for the link formed.
  • It's much more cost effective than the conventional technology of mobile satelite link systems.
  • It's so light that it can be carried in a backpack even in situations when constant moving is necessary.