High Availability Links

Is it important to you to have your corporate networks up and running 24/7 ?

Multiconn can bond multiple conventional links to deliver a single link with unparalleled, stability, reliability and availability.



How it works

Multiconn can bond up to 5 conventional links creating a single virtual link. This virtual circuit provides a virtual last mile link between it's location and our datacenters. This offers an alternative way of linking any two places together. The total bandwidth of the virtual link is the sum of it's underlying individual circuits minus some minor reductions due to protocol overhead. Reliability however rises exponentially with every individual circuit added to the bond. Internet connectivity is then offered directly from our Data Centers, through high quality leased lines where redundancy and carefull monitoring is feasible. The maximum bandwidth limmit of your internet connectivity is threfore restricted anly by the sum of the underlying circuits comprising your virtual link. Compared to conventional means of internet access multiconn has a number of strategic advantages:


  • It offers speed in multiples of what conventional means have to offer.
  • It's guaranteed availability is greater than the one offered by conventional links.
  • It's significanlty less expensive than leased line connectivity. 

Multiconn topology for internet access

Multiconn topology for VPN between point of presence of a company.


What can multiconn offer and who is it addressed to

Multiconn has been designed to meet the needs of corporate customers in need of data links that cannot be met by conventional products on the market. Internet access is offered by most service providers in either the form of broadband which comes without guarantees on availability and is limmited as to it's bandwidth, or  in the form of leased lines which do not share the same restrictions but do however have a significant cost increase and are not available in several regions of many European countries.


Multiconn can offer high bandwidth and guaranteed quality and availability while maintaining reasonable billing rates.

What can multiconn do for yopur company ? Depending on your individual needs, multiconn can be utilized to offer you a set of specialized solutions for either your internet connectivity infrastructure or your network connectivity between points of presence in your company (Corporate VPN).


By bonding multiple broadband connections multiconn can offer:

  • Internet connectivity of up to  500Mbits with quality and availability guarantees of up to 99,99%.
  • Network connectivity between points of presence of your company all over Europe, with the same bandwidth and guarantees.
  • Significantly lower billing rates of those of conventional leased lines.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • 24/7 support services for all types of links purchased.


By bonding multiple leased lines or other types of heterogenous links (3G/4G , Wireless Links , Satelite Links) multiconn can offer:


  • Internet connectivity or VPN between points of presence of your company with availability guarantees of up to  100%. Furthermore these guarantees are offered on a real not just a legal basis.
  • High bandwidth links limited only by the speed of availlable conventional links to be bonded.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • 24/7 support services for all types of links purchased.

Multiconn is addressed to corporations interested in:

  • High bandwidth for upload or download!
  • True quality and availability guarantees!
  • Reasonable billing rates for their network connectivity!
Contact us with your specific needs and we will suggest a multiconn based topology to meet them