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Connect IT is amongst the most innovative companies in informatics and new technologies. Combining years of experience in IT services and products, our technical support department which consists of qualified personnel and the flexibility provided by the research and development department, Connect I.T claims it's place amongst the few companies in Greece, which are capable of providing  functional and reliable solutions to complex and specialized problems in the broad field of information technology.

Additionally our Technical Support Department is staffed by engineers with experience in a wide range of IT infrastructures and is able to support complex projects that utilize heterogeneous technologies ranging from embedded systems to highly scalable computing systems (cloud computing / distributed systems / virtualization technology).

The research and development division of Connect IT complements our infrastructure by handling tasks that range from the design of complex solutions often among heterogeneous technologies to the design, development, implementation and testing of software and hardware  for specific and demanding solutions.

The physical layer technological infrastructure on which our services are based, has been conceived and designed by the Research and Development department and is able to house projects of the highest standards. From the choices in hardware infrastructures at our Data Centers to the design of hardware and software for our specific application embedded systems, our end goal remains the same: The design of high yield products and services.