Thin Clients - Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer guarantee for Thin Clients ?

Yes. Every Thin Client device you purchase comes with one year of guarantee with an extension option per customer request.


If a device malfunctions, how is replacement handled ?

If within guarantee all replacements are handle through Connect I.T. Device replacement is done on a next day shipping policy.

All my terminals would now rely on a single server. What happens if that server fails ?

The server has a series of failsafe mechanisms. Even if a malfunction occurs it's highly unlikely that it will be rendered useless. It's equiped with redundancy equipment for storage , cpu and power supply, so even if you're forced to operate on redundant systems, it will not need to go offline. Replacement policy for server parts is services promptly, within a few days of an occuring event. If you are still not happy with this level of redundancy we do offer extra safety plans which include 24 hour shipping policies on server parts or installation and maintainance of a backup server.